Friday, May 29, 2009

DFNY Joins New York Farm Bureau to Oppose
Proposed Limit Laws on Dog and Cat Ownership

A 7285, S 5392 and S 4690 contribute nothing to animal well-being

These proposals allow for the seizure of animals if any person or business "has in its care"more than 50 intact dogs or cats over the age of 4 months, without the slightest regard to the health of the animals or the conditions of care provided to them.

In fact, proposals like S5392 do not offer a single protection to dogs and cats over and above existing, comprehensive, New York State laws on cruelty to animals and regulations for pet dealers.

Seized animals may be sold off or killed by the impounding agency if security bond requirements are not met within five days.

S 5392 is on the NY Senate Agriculture committee agenda for June 2, 2009. Please join the Dog Federation of New York in opposing it, and immediately write or phone NY Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Darrel Aubertine and Senate Agriculture committee members to express your concern regarding extremist proposals.

If enacted, a law like S 5392 would devastate lawful, humane hobbyists, pet breeders and sports enthusiasts.

For more information on the many defects and problems in these proposals, see DFNY's position paper.

Read the New York Farm Bureau's opposition statement here.

The Dog Federation of New York believes that one abused animal is one too many. We stand for strong and humane animal-related legislation. . . not numbers games.

We urge the consistent enforcement of reasonable, effective animal cruelty laws. We reject proposals which would shut down lawful, humanely operated kennels and businesses while doing nothing to protect the animals we love.

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