Sunday, October 18, 2009

New York's "Puppymill Proposals"

Puppies! What would the world be without 'em?

Some New Yorkers may not realize it, but many proposed revisions to state law -- marketed by proponents pushing a national extremist agenda -- are based on misinformation, myth and fear-mongering.

Many proposals would make the breeding and care of puppies in the homes and kennels of hobby breeders, and sportsmen and women impossible.

Here's a careful, point-by-point analysis of Assemblywoman Amy Paulin's A7983 and State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer's S4961, proposals placing numerous, cumbersome and inappropriate restrictions on New York's home and hobby breeders.

DFNY's members don't want to live in a world without puppies. We believe New Yorkers should
have a range of choices when selecting a new dog for their home because no option is right for everyone.

A locally-bred, locally-raised dog from a home or hobby breeder is an excellent decision for many families, and legislation that would make such pups unavailable to most New Yorkers just isn't fair.