Wednesday, July 02, 2008

DFNY Sends Sympathies to Staten Island Dog Attack Victim,
Urges Full Investigation of Previous Complaints

Group Aims to Prevent Future Tragedies Through Enforcement
of Laws Requiring Humane Containment of Dogs

July 2, 2008 – New York, NY -- In response to news of a dog attack resulting in serious injuries in Staten Island, New York, members of the Dog Federation of New York (DFNY) today issued a statement of sympathy and support for Henry Piotrowski and his family. Mr. Piotrowski was gravely injured by two dogs that entered his yard. Press reports indicate that residents had complained repeatedly about the dogs, which have since been euthanized.

"Our hearts go out to Mr. Piotrowski, his family and his friends," commented Mahlon Goer, spokesperson. “While the exact events leading to the attack are still unknown, it appears that the dogs were allowed to roam and menace members of the community on previous occasions, and that authorities were alerted repeatedly. We are calling for a full investigation into the circumstances which led to this tragedy.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost all dog bites are preventable. Neither the breed of dog, nor the method of restraint are reliable indicators of the likelihood of dog bites.

“We want to make sure we educate the entire community to prevent future tragedies such as this,” said Ms. Goer. DFNY is offering its resources and assistance to the family, the public, and community leaders. To help educate the public about dog bite prevention, the Dog Federation of New York is reaching out to local community leaders with preventative safety and educational programs centered on material published by the Centers for Disease Control.

To help get the message to the community, DFNY will partner with local radio stations in the metro New York area to run dog safety public service announcements from the Campaign For Responsible Ownership. They are based on research and recommendations from both the Centers for Disease Control and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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