Monday, June 16, 2008

Legislative Proposals Will Drive Home and Hobby Breeders Out of New York
Force owners to surgically sterilize puppies

An open letter to New York State legislators:

The Dog Federation of New York is a coalition of individual dog owners and dog-related organizations committed to responsible ownership. Our membership spans the State of New York and includes dog and pet related clubs, organizations and individuals. We share a commitment to strong and humane animal welfare laws.

We write to emphatically oppose A 11509 and S 8546, bills regarding "pet dealers" which dramatically change the definition and regulation of dog (and cat) breeders in New York. If enacted, we believe that the regulations, restrictions and requirements placed on dog breeders will shut down all but the very largest commercial facilities, thereby depriving New Yorkers of access to locally bred, locally raised dogs and puppies. In addition to depriving thousands of New Yorkers of their hobbies, the proposal would make us all dependent on dogs and puppies imported from great distances when we look for pets and working companions.

Clearly, this is not a step in right direction – not for pets, not for the people who love them. We urge our elected representatives to oppose A11509 and S8546. They will work to the detriment of animal welfare in New York State.

The Dog Federation of New York is committed to helping New York ‘s elected officials respond appropriately to the concerns we all share: protecting the health and safety of the citizens of New York, promoting strong and humane animal welfare laws, and helping New York remain a dog-friendly, dog-safe place to live. We would be pleased to work with you to accomplish these goals.

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