Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Syracuse Animal Hospitals Receive Commendations from Dog Federation of New York

Syracuse Animal Hospitals Celebrated for Rescuing Kittens in Desperate Need

The Dog Federation of New York (DFNY) today issued letters of commendation to the staffs of the Fairmount Animal Hospital and the True Blue Animal Hospital of Syracuse. Employees at the two area veterinary facilities responded compassionately to the dire needs of abandoned kittens found nearby. Their hard work and commitment to the welfare of animals saved the lives of the young kittens apparently left alone in an area park.

Kittens as young as the ones rescued by the animal hospitals require round-the-clock attention and must be fed every three hours. They are given a special formula to compensate for the loss of their mother’s milk.

“On behalf of animal lovers everywhere, we want to express our gratitude to the staffs of the Fairmount and the True Blue Animal Hospitals,” commented DFNY spokesperson Mahlon Goer. “Without their dedicated efforts and commitment to animal welfare, these kittens would have died.”

“It is important to celebrate the compassion and commitment to animals we all share, whether we’re dog owners or cat fanciers,” she continued. “So often everyday pet owners and animal lovers don’t hesitate to respond to an animal in need, and they go unrecognized. It is a pleasure to commend the staffs at these animal hospitals, as well as the many volunteers and donors who support them in their efforts.”

Permanent homes have been found for some, but not all, of the kittens. People who would like to add a kitten to their families should contact the hospitals for further information.

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